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About Website FX


Outside of Murwillumbah in the beautiful Tweed Valley, Far Northern NSW, Australia

Services Offered:

Web design, Graphic Design, Print design, Domain Registration, Hosting, Printing, IT, Computer Training, Sales & Service

Background Info

Website FX was founded in 2008.   Their mission is to serve all their clients with the same reputable passion, integrity, loyalty and attention, at an affordable price.


Website FX prides itself by offering its clients quality, rather than quantity.  Unlike other website design companies, they do not use premade templates, they choose to custom design each and every pixel and therefore making each website unique.

About Nikki Edwards

Nikki is the founder and manager of Website FX. She has advised hundreds of individuals on how to start a business, and advises existing business owners on how to grow their business through online and offline marketing.

Nikki has been working in the advertising field since 2003 and has been using graphic design programs such as Adobe Photoshop since 1996.  She has worked as a Marketing Executive, IT Specialist and a Small Business Manager prior to establishing Website FX. Her passion for advertising combined with technical expertise brings quantifiable results.